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Self-Serve Checkout Fundraising

Our Fundraising Goal Goal Accomplished, thank you!


FSJPL, in partnership with the North Peace Savings & Credit Union (NPSCU), is seeking your support for the public library’s first self-serve checkout station. NPSCU has generously offered to match contributions made to FSJPL for this purpose - dollar-for-dollar, substantially increasing the impact of your contribution.

With a total goal of $25,000, this will provide for the purchase and installation of a 3M Self Checkout Station for our library. 

If you would like to help support your public library, please contact Kerry France, Director of Library Services at the library 250-785-3731 or through our online contact form. Thank you!

Further information and answers to some of your most common questions can by found below.

What's a Self-serve Checkout Station?

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The station allows for library patrons to swiftly checkout their library materials without the assistance of library personnel, much like the self-serve checkouts in your grocery store. 

Is it easy to use?

So easy! Scan your card, scan your items, get receipt. It's that simple. Both children and adults can use this station with ease. Its accessibility options make it easy to use for those with mobility issues, and can be displayed in several languages with a touch of the screen.

Why is it important for patrons to have this option?

It provides the option of a quick and easy transaction, allowing patrons to bypass the sometimes busy lineups.  Using a self-service checkout station also provides a higher level of patron privacy - something that FSJPL feels is extremely important. 

Why does FSJPL in particular need a Self-Service Checkout station?

With the rapid increase of population in our community and surrounding areas, FSJPL is busier than ever before! Unlike retail establishments, non-profit public libraries do not generate more funds with an increase in patrons - quite the opposite - we require increased funding in order to continue offering our growing community a consistent level of service

Doesn't the city provide funding to the public library?

While we do receive a grant from our municipality and funding from our regional district, FSJPL is a Library Association and as such does not receive direct taxation support from the municipality in which our patrons reside, as municipal or regional libraries do. Instead, FSJPL - like all Library Associations - operates only on grants, donations and fundraising. Currently FSJPL is the third lowest funded per capita by local government out of all 71 public library systems in the province (source).

Will this result in a reduction in employees?

Not at all. In fact, a self-service checkout station will allow us to serve more patrons while maintaining the same level of staffing. While there will always be someone to checkout your items for you, this station frees up some of our front line staff to help provide patrons with thorough service in other areas: locating items,  computer assistance, reader's advisory and reference questions.  The addition of a self-service checkout station allows for a personal library experience when you want it, and a no-fuss, get-in-get-out library experience when it suits you. 

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