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Information for Self-Published Authors

While FSJPL welcomes submissions from self-published authors, we receive a number of submissions and purchase self-published books very selectively. We are most likely to purchase books of significant local interest or which have received media attention.

In order to consider a self-published book for inclusion in the library's collection, we need the following information.

  • Book title
  • Author's name
  • Author's address
  • ISBN
  • Price
  • Type of binding
  • Audience
  • Ordering information
  • Author's credentials (mandatory for non-fiction)
  • A brief summary of the book's contents
  • Information about illustrations (children's books only)
  • Why this book would be of interest to FSJPL customers

It is also very helpful to have one or more reviews from objective online or print sources – not paid or customer reviews.

Please do not send a sample of your book. If the selector would like to see it, we will buy a copy.

Self-published items donated to the library become the property of FSJPL. The library reserves the right to determine items to be used in books sales, items to be put into circulation, and to dispose of non-retained items in a manner that it deems appropriate.

Please email the above information to director@fsjpl.ca or mail it to:

Fort St John Public Library
10015 – 100th avenue
Fort St John, BC  V1J 1Y7
Attention Collections Librarian

FSJPL does not order directly from author websites or pay in advance for material. If you would like to sell your book to the library, please be prepared to accept a purchase order, send an invoice and wait a few weeks for payment or make your book available through a wholesaler.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests we are unable to let you know if your book is accepted or not. If it is, you will receive an order from the library or one of our vendors and the title will show as on order in the library catalogue.

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