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Your Privacy and Sharing with the Library Community

Your Privacy and Sharing with the Library Community

As always, your borrowing records at Fort St John Public Library are private, and they are not linked to shared features in the new catalogue. You can continue to place holds or renew items using the new catalogue, without sharing any additional information. Only information that you have chosen to share with the library community will be public.

My Shelves

My Shelves is for keeping track of books you've read or would like to read. My Shelves will only share information if you choose to add items to it. If you'd like to use My Shelves but keep some or all of your choices private, follow these steps:

  • Go to My FSJPL and click "Privacy" under the My Account heading
  • Check off the boxes for the shelves that you want to be private
  • Check all three boxes to keep all of your shelves private
  • When you add an item to a shelf, you can keep that item private even if the shelf is public. Just click the "Add Details" link beside that item and check the box beside "Keep this item private" at the bottom.
  • You'll see a lock on the left when an item is private.

My Lists

Use My Lists to recommend material to other library users. Lists default to being public and are intended for sharing with the library community. If you would like to make a list private, check the box "Make this list private" either when you create the list or when you are editing it.

Read the full Privacy Statement for BiblioCommons here »

Read FSJPL's Protection of Privacy Policy here »

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