FSJPL: Fort St. John Public Library

Dungeons & Dragons (Ages 10-14)

Date:    Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Time:    2:45-5:00
Where:  FSJPL Program Room

Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative story-telling adventure game. Players rely on their imaginations, problem solving skills, and a bit of luck to work together as a team to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and do just about anything else that their imaginations will allow!

You might need to work together to trick a group of faeries into giving you a magical treasure. Perhaps you'll find yourselves locked in a dark dungeon, surrounded by strange clues that might help you to open the door! And of course, you might stumble upon a troll in the woods...should you fight? Try to talk your way out? Put it to sleep with a spell? Who know...it's up to YOU!

Dungeons & Dragons is all about cooperation and communication! Nobody "wins" or "loses" at D&D...as long as everyone is having a good time, we all win!

This program has limited space and requires registration. 

Players must be available for all 4 dates. A D&D adventure depends on all of the party members being present to help deal with challenges. 

Interested players and guardians must speak directly with Morgan, FSJPL Program Coordinator, prior to registering.    250-3-785-3731   programs@fsjpl.ca

Dungeons And Dragons Join The Adventure


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