FSJPL: Fort St. John Public Library

Family Literacy Camp-In

Date:    Saturday, January 25, 2020
Time:    7:00pm
Where:  FSJPL

This is an all-ages, family event! "Family" for this event just means a mixture of adults and kids, so feel free to invite cousins, friends, etc! There are no restrictions for groups other than at least one legal adult (19+), but it's nice if everyone attending can sleep through the night :) 

What on earth does a Camp-In look like? 

7:00pm: The FSJPL Campsite opens, and families start arriving to set up their campsites. Families bring their own tents, bedding and breakfast. Snacks for yourselves or to share are also encouraged!

8:00pm: Campfire time! We will enjoy songs and stories around the campfire, build family crafts, and do some fun activities together! Hot chocolate and s'mores will also be passed around!

9:00pm: Wind-down and have fun! Kids and adults can relax and explore different games and toys provided, or bring their own "unplugged" fun from home! Some families may wish to start getting ready for bed at this time. 

10:00-10:30pm: Lights out, and in the tents! If you're still awake, it's time to snuggle up inside a tent with a story and a flashlight!

In the morning: Coffee, juice and a light, snacky breakfast will be provided, but feel free to bring something extra if you'd like! It's a lazy weekend, so feel free to roll out of your tents at your own pace. 

11:00am Pack up and move out! We will want to break camp and get the Library back to its usual self by 11:00am, but there's no rush! 

Call the Library starting January 7, 2020 to book your spot!

Camp In 2020

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