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Sometimes a physical copy of a book isn’t what you are looking for. At FSJPL you can have access to thousands of digital magazine, audiobooks, ebooks, and ebooks for kids.

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Want to learn everything fro A-Z about travelling the world? How about getting all the information you could want about BC building codes? Our verified list of online resources and knowledge banks is available for you to explore.

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Interlibrary Loans

We want you to be able to enjoy titles that we may not carry. At FSJPL, there is more than one way to borrow items from other libraries. It's easier than you think!

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Print Disabled (NNELS)

Equity of access is what public libraries are all about: providing access to books, materials and resources regardless of income, background, geographic location or reading ability. By providing an accessible library service for people with print disabilities – in digital formats and free of charge – NNELS is making good on the responsibility public libraries have to all Canadians.

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