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November is Food for Fines Month

Don’t let your existing overdue fines keep you from coming to the library! For the month of November, your donation of non-perishable food items or toiletries will go towards existing overdue fines. Take advantage of this opportunity to clear your fines, and help feed your community! All donations go to the FSJ Women’s Resource Society.

How does Food for Fines work?

It’s easy! Just bring in non-perishable food item(s) and we will waive existing fines.

Why is FSJPL doing Food for Fines?

Fines often act as barriers to our patrons, and by removing small fines we believe we can encourage customers to come back to the Library and use our services.  It’s also a way to update patron accounts, and help feed those in our community who need it most. 

How much is each non-perishable food item worth?

Each non-perishable food item is worth up to $5 towards your existing fine. 

What kind of fines are eligible for Food for Fines?

Overdue fines may be paid for with Food for Fines. Lost book fines for those which were owned only by FSJPL, and lost more than one year ago are eligible for the Food for Fines program. Damaged item fines and fees may be paid for with Food for Fines. 

Do fines from Interlibrary Loans qualify?

No. Food for Fines applies to FSJ Library owned materials only. For Interlibrary Loans, we are held to the lending libraries’ rules, so we are honour-bound to collect fines and lost book charges on behalf of our resource sharing partners. 

Can I return lost or overdue items?

Absolutely! If you have found an item you lost more than a year ago or have overdue items, please bring them back so that others may enjoy them. If you bring in food donations to equal the balance, we will waive your lost or damaged fines. 

I don’t have any fines on my account, can I still make a food donation at the library?

Yes, absolutely! Bring in your food donations whether you have fines or not. We are happy to accept non-perishable food, toiletries, and baby supply donations for the FSJ Women’s Resource Society throughout the month of November. 

Who should I contact if I have more questions about Food for Fines?

You may call the library at 250.785.3731 or contact us through our online form if you have any further questions about Food for Fines. 

How will actual transactions be handled at the Circulation Desk?

  • Let’s say that Tony has $15 in overdue charges. During Food for Fines, Tony brings in three cans of corn. Staff collects Tony’s cans of corn and pays off $15 of his charges. Tony no longer owes any overdue charges. Welcome back to the library, Tony – enjoy!
  • Let’s say that Lisa lost a copy of Harry Potter back in 2015 and owes FSJ Public Library $27.95. She brings in 2 cans of soup and 2 boxes of Kraft Dinner and 1 tube of toothpaste during Food for Fines month. Lisa owes nothing more on the lost book and can now check out more items!
  • Let’s say that Nancy has five books that are all three days overdue on November 4th. She returns all five books to the staff at the Circulation Desk with a can of tomato soup. No fines are assigned and Nancy owes $0. 

Start enjoying the library again! Here are just a few of the amazing things FSJPL offers:

  • Free wifi for your wireless devices 
  • Public access computer workstations, with Internet connection 
  • Dozens of newspapers and magazine subscriptions to browse 
  • Over 300 digital magazines accessible anywhere, anytime on portable devices – FREE 
  • Tens of thousands of BOOKS! (best sellers, large print, mysteries, fantasies, non-fiction, graphic novels, classics, multilingual, humour, memoirs, children's picture books, baby board books and much more)
  • Tens of thousands of downloadable eBooks, eAudiobooks and graphic novels – FREE
  • Thousands of DVD movies, documentaries, audio books on CD and music CDs - FREE
  • FREE programs for all ages including story times, book clubs, family events, summer clubs. Mad Science, Family Camp-In, Ugly Crafts for Adults, and more, including themed trivia nights and Burgers, Board Games and Brew nights at Casey's Pub.






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