PRRD – Area B Library Funding Referendum

What Is Happening?

  • On Municipal Election Day (October 15th 2022). Peace River Regional District is looking to adopt: Electoral Area B Fort St. John Public Library Financial Contribution Service Establishment Bylaw No. 2484, 2022’ for the purpose of creating a new service function in Electoral Area B.
  • This Bylaw that will authorize provision of an annual financial contribution to the Fort St. John Public Library to fund the costs of operating the library, at a maximum annual tax requisition limit that is the greater of $100,000, or $0.0281/$1,000 on the net taxable value of land and improvements, and assessed on improvements only, in Electoral Area B.


Question: Will This Increase My Taxes?

Answer: Yes, but only by approximately 3 cents per $1000.00 paid in property taxes. For these 3 cents you receive access to over 50,000 books, DVDs, Audiobooks, and special collections (Summer/Winter Collections, Tool kits, iPads, and laptops) free of charge. As well as supporting children’s literacy resources, Teen and Adult programming.

Question: I Never go to the library, why should I vote yes?

Answer: Even if you do not use the library, the resources and services we provide help thousands of people in our region by providing access to books, databases, excellent programming, and online resources. We also provide free WiFi, Public Computers, and Photocopying Services. Approximately, 90,000 people access our library every year.

Question: How was this funded before? 

Answer: The Area B portion of the FSJPL budget was funded through the use of a Fair Share Fund, where both PRRD and the BC provincial government would add and match funds to be paid out. That agreement has since ended, and the funds from which Library funding is drawn is decreasing every year, which impacts the ability of the library to provide valuable programming to the community.

What happens if this does not pass? 

Answer: Funding will continue for the next few years, but will ultimately be unsustainable in the long run, which would devastate Library operations.

What is the total funding to the library?

Answer: Overall the Budget for FSJPL is approximately $780,000 as per 2022, but as a Library Association none of these grants are guaranteed. We typically apply for one, two or three-year grants. Fort St. John Public Library will apply yearly for a grant and then it will be approved by the PRRD board on an annual basis. $60,500 has already been approved for 2022 and 2023 and the funding approved through this referendum would not take effect until 2024. Area C currently provides $65,000 from the tax base annually.

Where Can I Direct More Questions?

  • Email: Matthew Rankin – Director of Library Services –
  • Call: 250-785-3731