Computers & Printing

Public Access Computers

10 computers are available for public use at the cost of $1 for up to one hour. They include internet access as well as the Microsoft Office Suite. When signing up we require government issued photo ID, a phone number where we can reach you, and a signed agreement of our internet use rules and regulations. If someone under 18 wishes to use the computer, a parent or legal guardian must come in and sign on their behalf. Anyone under 12 must remain accompanied by the parent or legal guardian when using the computer. Additional equipment available include one scanner hooked up to a specific computer, and two portable devices: a floppy disk reader and a card reader with multiple slots for different types of cards. Ask for access to these devices at the front desk.


Printing is available from the public access computers. Before printing we advise that you select Print Preview to verify the following:

  • Number of pages that you are sending to the printer (you will be held responsible for all pages you send)
  • Choose to print black & white or colour, single or double sided.