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What is the CLICK Program?

CLICK stands for Creating Literacy in Computer Knowledge! It is a public program which provides free, one-on-one basic computer use lessons at FSJPL.  Individuals are able to choose what they would like to learn during each session.

What kind of things can I learn?

CLICK teaches a broad range of basic computer skills at a level adjusted to your comfort and needs. This list is only a tiny portion of what you can learn within the CLICK program:

  • Keyboard and mouse function
  • Introductory typing
  • Identifying basic hardware components
  • Identifying what software is and its general function
  • Understanding what the Internet is
  • Internet language, including link, right click, scrollbar, radio button, text box, etc.
  • Navigating the Internet using web browsers
  • Understanding website addresses and how they locate information on the Internet
  • Using a search engine
  • Creating and using online accounts like email and social media
  • Understanding Internet safety and security
  • New laptop, tablet, ereader or cell phone orientation

Or, you may wish to use the CLICK program for assistance with:

  • Navigating government websites
  • Performing employment searches
  • Creating or editing resumes or other documents in Microsoft Office
  • Completing online forms and applications
  • Virus protection and installation
  • Accessing online courses
  • Using video chat programs to keep in touch with family, or attend distance interviews

Who may use the CLICK program?


Here are just some of the kinds of people who find the CLICK program most beneficial:

  • Adults and seniors
  • Employment seekers with limited or no computer experience
  • Those who are looking to apply for government benefits including employment insurance, social assistance, CPP, worker’s compensation and more
  • Those who have resisted technology but are now ready to try it out with a patient instructor by their side
  • Adults and seniors who find it challenging to learn in a formal classroom setting
  • Parents seeking to increase their knowledge to better connect with their children in this changing world of technology, or to learn how to keep their children safe while on the Internet
  • Those with limited physical mobility due to illness, age or disability and wish to broaden horizons by communicating online
  • Those seeking to learn how to make use of the library’s free ebooks, e-audiobooks and digital magazines from home

Here’s what others have had to say about the CLICK program

“Relieved to find that it was informal, kind, and non-judgmental. Instructor had infinite patience.”

“I love that it’s one on one, and it’s at the pace that works for me.”

“The company I wanted to work for only accepts online applications and I didn’t know the first thing about how to do that. The instructor walked me through it, so I learned by doing. When I got hired, I had to take an online course to get a ticket, so I went back to the library to show me how that worked. So glad it’s free.”

FSJPL wishes to extend our sincere gratitude to the Peace River Regional District as well as a Gaming Grant from the Province of BC. Without their support, CLICK would not be possible.